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What is Reverse Awarding
of the Associate’s Degree?

The awarding of the associates degree to students who begin their education at the community college, transfer to a four year institution, and subsequently complete their associates degree requirements while working towards a bachelor's degree. Applicable coursework earned at the four-year institution is transferred back to the community college for the purpose of awarding an associate's degree.


  • Graduates can demonstrate their ability to earn both an associate’s and a bachelor’s degree, exhibiting a more expansive view of their skills, abilities and capacity to complete important goals and objectives.
  • Allows for the freedom of early transfer, especially in academic disciplines that require specific pathways to the university (e.g. engineering).
  • Associate's degrees in technical fields are attractive to employers seeking candidates with applied "hands on" skills.
My history degree from UMBC is great but having an associates degree in business administration shows that I have knowledge in more areas than just history.

—Marlyn Argueta