Why is Reverse Awarding Important?

Why Is Reverse Awarding Important?

  • UMBC’s reverse awarding of the associate degree initiative helps students to maximize the value of credit earned at community colleges.
  • Given the significant number of transfer students who attend UMBC, reverse awarding represents a tremendous opportunity for our students to earn a meaningful credential that can positively impact their career marketability – before and after graduation from UMBC.
  • The University System of Maryland’s 2020 Strategic Plan includes specific degree attainment targets that reverse awarding can help to support. The first primary theme in the plan focuses on degree completion:
    1. Helping Maryland achieve its goal of 55-percent college degree completion (either a two-year associate’s or four-year bachelor’s, attained by 55 percent of the state population 25 years and older).
Source: http://www.usmd.edu/10yrplan/