Getting Started

Are you ready to claim what’s already yours? Reverse awarding of the associate’s degree is a simple and easy process. Follow the steps below to get started…

Confirm Your Eligibility

Take a quick review of your community college and UMBC transcripts to ensure that you have earned at least 60 total academic credits, and at least 15 of these academic credits were earned at your community college prior to matriculating at UMBC.

Submit the Request Form

Complete the short Credit When It’s Due Application to request that your UMBC transcript be forwarded directly to your community college for review and consideration of the associate’s degree.

Follow Up With Your College

UMBC will send your transcript to your previous institution after the semester during which you completed the application. After that, your progress in your Associate’s Degree is in their hands. Contact the two-year college’s registrar for any questions about your status or to ask about any requirements you may still be missing. When you next see your UMBC advisor, mention your participation in Credit When It’s Due and the remaining requirements, and we’ll help you strategize to complete them here!


If upon completion of the degree audit review, you have been determined to have met all the associate’s degree requirements, you will be automatically awarded the degree by your community college. That’s it. Let the celebration begin. Check out the commencement ceremony details and plan to take part in these special activities. Most community colleges welcome your participation in these special events at no extra cost to you.


If upon completion of the degree audit, you were determined to have been just shy of completion of the degree, don’t fret. We have specialists available to assist you in strategically identifying courses at UMBC that will meet both your UMBC degree requirements and your community college degree requirements. Contact the Office of Academic and Pre-professional Advising and schedule an appointment with our Credit When Its Due Specialist.